Lesson Policy


The initial enrollment cost is $50, and we offer a sibling enrollment discount of $25 per sibling. Note that in subsequent years your teacher may charge a different amount, higher or lower, for re-enrollment, depending on what that fee may cover.


We believe that it takes time to get to know someone and develop rapport. Our trial period is 4 lessons. While our goal is to find you the perfect match the first time, after 4 weeks a student may request to try another teacher from our network, with no transfer fee. Likewise, a teacher may recommend the student to another in-network teacher at the end of the 4-week trial period. Payment for each trial period is due prior to the first lesson.


Students are expected to participate in a minimum of two events per year, which may include recitals, exams, or competitions.


We require a minimum of 42 lessons annually from August 1 - July 31, billed in 11 monthly payments, August 1 - June 1 (with any additional lessons billed on July 1). Students working with a Preferred Partner teacher may have different schedule and billing requirements.


Payments are due by the 1st business day of each month. Late fees are assessed, beginning on the 2nd business day.

Cancellations communicated less than 48 hours in advance are billable and not made up.

Cancellations communicated 3-5 days in advance may or may not be made up, depending on teacher discretion.
Cancellations communicated 6-7 days in advance are guaranteed lesson credit for a future date (by July 31).


Students must have an in-tune and well-regulated and functioning instrument.
While a digital piano with 88 weighted keys may be acceptable for a period of time, an acoustic piano is needed for the long-term development of proper technique.
Students taking in-home lessons with a Preferred Partner teacher are required to own or rent a grand piano or quality upright.


Students must practice 5-7 days per week, in a quiet, well-lit area free from noisy distractions such as TV or playing siblings.


Communicate questions and concerns with teachers or administrators

Provide practice support and accountability
Timely purchase of assigned materials

Timely payment of tuition


Your teacher may recommend books, sheet music, or supplemental supplies for purchase after meeting you, and throughout the year. Bring any prior materials you have to your first lesson. Additional materials that students are expected to always have available are a Metronome, Pencils, piano bench, a clock or practice timer, and Notebook or Binder for lesson notes. Music and supplemental supplies can be organized with a dedicated music bag or nearby book shelf.


Student inspiration and success is our objective, and it is a process that takes time and understanding.
We have an 8-week Transfer Period. If a teacher feels the student is not making satisfactory progress, or the student is dissatisfied with lessons, it is a requirement that that Teacher and Parent have a conversation to discuss possible changes to the lesson approach, music selections, or practice routine, over the next 4 lessons. If there is no change in motivation or progress, the student will be transferred to another in-network teacher for a 4-week trial period. If the student is still dissatisfied or fails to make progress, the parent may elect to terminate lessons. Alternatively, the student may have one more Trial Period with a third teacher who may continue teaching the student or terminate the student from our program until the next Enrollment year.

Refunds are only offered in the event that the student does not receive 42 lessons in the calendar year, due to teacher cancellations. Refunds will not be offered for enrollment, or for any missed lessons according to the Make-Up Policy.

"My three children have taken lessons with Aspiring Minds teachers for the past 2 years. They have been taking lessons for almost 10 years in total and have had other teachers but none the caliber of the Aspiring Minds teachers! They are exceptional at working with each child and helping to see their strengths and weaknesses." - Charlotte